What to Look for in a CMS


What to Look for in a CMS

How to Buy a CMS for a Multichannel World
Choosing a CMS today is a big deal. Get it right, and it’ll deliver memorable, personalized customer experiences. Get it wrong, and it can cripple your digital strategy for years. Register now to de-risk the process.

Evaluating CMSs? What to look for in today’s market

CMSs today are a lot more than a shopping list of functions and features. As disciplines like digital experience management mature and new IoT-connected channels emerge, CMSs need to support more advanced functionality. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How a CMS makes it either difficult or easy to “create once, distribute everywhere” across channels
  • How to evaluate features for what’s important to your organization
  • How a CMS can help with content governance


Mark van Aalst - Senior Technical Evangelist, Sitecore